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We moved from Switzerland to Morocco because the circumstances of these people touched us so much that we decided to take influence.

We started to support mothers in disadvantaged families. Our supported mothers have to look after their children and – often elderly – parents at home. Therefore, our lessons and work are not only carried out according to their schedule, but also at their home. In this way, we get to know the whole family and their circumstances personally.


- real relationships -

Each mother is visited at least once a week. Personal relationships arise that go far beyond the employment relationship; friendships develop.


- learn personally -

All work materials are brought to their home. The lessons are individually prepared for each mother. In addition, we offer further education opportunities.


- fair & flexible -

In addition to flexible working hours at home, there is also no minimum number of products that need to be made. Payment is made immediately and is well above local salaries.


- support us -
buy & mediate FAIRTRADE items

Due to our close contact with disadvantaged families, we have noticed other needs in addition to the concerns of EDUCATION and WORK. In the meantime we started further projects like clothing for children, basic food, etc.

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What makes us different from the others

Most foundations provide either education or work in their facilitites. However, many disadvantaged mothers are bound to their family home by the care of children and the elderly and therefore cannot take advantage of this offer.

With our holistic process, we can not only train such mothers individually, but also get to know the whole family and their personal circumstances.

We touch people on a personal level and can make a lasting difference through the lasting relationships that go far beyond cooperation.

As we go down this path together, we face a wide range of challenges. That is why we have started further projects to help in other areas such as health, etc.

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